Easy steps to find what you need!

Welcome to ChemDiv’s proprietary E-Commerce portal. This resource provides a convenient access to ChemDiv’s Discovery Chemistry Collection (over 1,200,000 screening compounds) and Collection of Building Blocks (over 10,000 structures) – all of these are available for search and immediate purchase (subject to sample’s immediate availability).

Compound(-s) Search

1)     To make a sample query you can:

a)     draw its structure (a convenient JME Molecular Editor (http://www.molinspiration.com/jme/) is embedded in the front-page);
b)    type in sample ID (in ChemDiv’s xxxx-xxxx or Axxxxxxx format);
c)     use SMILES;
d)    upload an sd-file with structures;
e)     upload a Mol-file (in MDL format);

2)     You can also perform searches for multiple samples by uploading their IDs or SMILES as a list.

3)     This search engine also allows you to perform searches within ChemDiv’s templates (that represent Discovery Chemistry Collection). After drawing a structure (or a fragment) and clicking search-button the system returns templates that contain this structural fragment, and YOU will be able to view compounds that belong to the selected template(-s).

4)     If searching for compound(-s) or building block(-s) by drawing you can select one of the following three search options:

a)     Substructure Search – returns all compounds that contain the structural fragment that was drawn;
b)    Exact Structure Search – returns only the exact matching compound (if present in the data base) that was drawn;
c)     Similarity Search – when selected, this search option calculates Tanimoto distance between compounds and defines the “pattern” (2D hashed fingerprints) based on the specified  similarity value; as such, the search results are sorted the way that the most similar (less distant) compounds are returned first.

“Navigating” through Search Results

When returning search queries the system displays:

1)     Compound(-s) Molecular Structure; the following options are available:

a)     info – provides complete info on the sample including its in-silico calculated physico-chemical parameters;
b)    refine – gets you back to the structure editor window if you would like to modify your original compound;
c)     pick (individual compound / all compounds / none) – selects compound(-s) for their further transfer into Shopping Cart.

2) Molecular Weight

3) Molecular Formula

4) ChemDiv’s Compound ID (in xxxx-xxxx or Axxxxxxx format)

5) Compound Immediately Available Amount (in mg)

6) Quote Cart with the following options:

a)     Quantity – here you can type in the desirable amount of compound(-a) in mg;
b)    Format – here you can select between two delivery formats for selected compound(-s);
c)     IMPORTANT: both Quantity & Format refinement can also be performed later when in a Shopping Cart.

7)     When “navigating” through search results you can also:

a)     refine your searchgets you back to the structure editor window if you like to modify your original compound;
b)    start a new search;
c)     export hit list – you can export either entire search query results or only selected compound(-s) into an sd-file (with structures) or txt-file (with their ChemDiv’s IDs);
d)    define additional compound(-s) properties to display; by clicking the link columns you will be able to specify what additional physico-chemical properties for compounds you would like to see: ClogP, ClogD, ClogSw, HBD, HBA, etc.)

8)     IMPORTANT: when clicking “Add Selection to Shopping Cart” you will stay on the search results page and can continue shopping; the selected compound(-s) will be kept in yourshopping cart for as long as your session goes and you can always go to the shopping cart by clicking Shopping Cart link (with number of selected compounds in it) on top of the page;

Shopping Cart

In the Shopping Cart you can again refine your selection (and remove items from it), define desirable amount and delivery format for each (or all at once – by clicking “update entire order”) compound, and see the total cost of selected items. Once all these details are completed and you are sure that it’s exactly what you want you can move forward with the Checkout.

When at the Checkout

1)     We will be asking you first for shipping and billing addresses. Please, try to be accurate when filling in the required fields in shipping address – we want to make sure upfront that all of the selected compound(-s) will be delivered at the correct address.

2)     Please, also make sure that the provided phone number & email address are correct – we will need to let you know about the shipment of your order and the courier tracking number for this shipment.

3)     When providing BILLING ADDRESS please make sure that it’s the same as in the credit card statement you will be using to place your order.

4)     you don’t have to specifically provide your BILLING ADDRESS if it’s the same as your SHIPPING ADDRESS – in this case please just mark “Same as Shipping Information” window.

5)     When proceeding with a Credit Card payment:

a)     Please select “Checkout with Credit Card”. you will be asked to fill in the card information on the next page and verify Shipping and Billing addresses.
b)    Once confirmed, the transaction will be processed.
d)    You will receive an email notification summarizing your order details.
e)     ChemDiv’s Global Logistics team will be notified automatically about your placed order (ordered compound(-s) IDs, their amount, format, delivery address), and will dispense, package and ship it. You will receive tracking information as soon as the order is shipped.

6)     You can also “retrieve quote” when at the checkout:

a)     This option allows you to initiate the purchasing process without necessity to pay with a credit card immediately;
b)    When selecting this option, the system generates a formal quote for selected compound(-s); this quote is emailed to your email address as an html-document and attached xls-file with selected compound(-s) IDs, their amounts and format;
c)     You can also review and print out the generated quote from the browser window;
d)    This quote can be later forwarded to your purchasing department for further purchase order generation;
e)     IMPORTANT: when generating the quote the system automatically informs ChemDiv’s Global Logistics about the requested compound(-s) IDs, their amount and format an those will be reserved at our stock for you for the period of three business days;
f)     IMPORTANT: though this is a formal quote, we will not be able to initiate dispensing of the requested samples without formal purchase order from you (your purchasing department); therefore it’s important to generate the purchase order within three business days (while the requested compounds are reserved), otherwise we will not be able to guarantee their immediate availability after three business days;
g)    IMPORTANT: each generated quote contains a unique QUOTE ID; please refer to this ID when issuing a purchase order – it will speed up the order processing at our end; this way we are able to match the issued purchase order to original formal quote, retrieve compound(-s) IDs, their amount and format, and initiate their dispensing and shipment immediately;
h)     IMPORTANT: the compound(-s) will be shipped to the shipping address defined in the text of the purchase order; all the notifications will be done in accordance with the instructions from the text of the purchase order.