ChemDiv built an impressive track record over the past twenty years and is proud to have shared its knowledge with over a thousand pharmaceutical, biotech and academic partners on a range of drug discovery research projects with varying models of financial and scientific collaboration.

These projects included discovery and optimization of small molecules for a range of therapeutic targets and pathways in oncology, inflammation and CNS; the VIP discovery chemistry technology access program; Focused Diversity libraries for biological screening, HTS collaborations, and integrated discovery and development projects. We have developed and executed pipeline/portfolio programs encompassing multiple targets and therapeutic indications for our partners; as well as providing preclinical, translational and clinical development services on a cost-effective, time-efficient basis.

You may find more information on the full range of services and partnership opportunities provided by ChemDiv here.


ChemDiv’s Partners include:

astrazeneca bayer biogen
du pont genentech lilly
solvay novartis merck
nerviano novo-nordisk sanofi
schering takeda tanabe