The Discovery part (“Discovery Chemistry”) of our collection represents the maximally diverse selection of 850,000+ small molecules. If you have an existing therapeutic target, but no chemical starting point, the Discovery Chemistry library can be deployed as an initial tool to start looking for the right chemistry. The prevailing approach behind the Discovery Chemistry library is it being DIVERSE and UNIVERSAL. The prevailing principles behind creation of Discovery Chemistry library are DIVERSITY and UNIVERSALISM.

As such, it can be utilized as a tool for various goals beyond just new drug discovery; for example – animal health applications, agriculture, food & supplements industry, fragrances industry, material science and other areas of discovery research. The Discovery Chemistry library is built around 4,000+ diverse scaffolds with up to 700 compounds population per scaffold. To address your specific discovery needs we can also perform any customized selection based on either compounds’ physio-chemical parameters or their structural motifs, as well as utilizing variety of ChemDiv’s in-house designed filters.

Please proceed to “Library FAQs” to learn more about customizing this tool to address your specific needs.

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