building blocks

This Collection of Building Blocks has been developed to support our partner’s synthetic projects, as well as provide solutions to assemble unique novel libraries or increase the diversity of existing chemical space. By tagging building blocks for this set, we made emphasis on structural singularity, low molecular weight and functional groups.

Building Blocks Collection properties:
•     Over 20,000 structures;
•     Available in quantities of up to 150 grams;
•     Standard purity >90% by LCMS and/or NMR;
•     Analytical data support of all orders.

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This Collection covers all major chemical classes:
•     Aldehydes
•     Alcohols and Thiols
•     Alkylhalides
•     Amidoximes
•     Primary and Secondary Amines
•     Arylhalides
•     Carboxylic Acids and Carboxylic Acid Halides
•     Carboxylic Esters
•     Hydrazides
•     Hydrazines
•     Ketones
•     Nitriles
•     Nitro Compounds
•     Sulphonyl Halides