CHeST library stands for Constructs Helpful SingleTones and Templates. This is a unique spot that helps to open ‘terra incognita’ in the Chemical space. Incredible diversity of CHeST library provides new chemotypes.

CHeST Includes:

•     Proprietary building blocks and intermediates
•     Natural Products, Natural-like Compounds, Unique molecules
•     Polycyclic structures
•     Heavy compounds MW > 550
•     Lipophilic compounds CLogP > 5.50
•     Shaggy and flexible compounds number of RB > 10
•     Marginal compounds: thioureas, hydrazones, hydrazides, oximes, ketones, etc
•     Drug-like and Drug-unlike singletons

75,000 Singletons and Unique, Natural, Drug-Unlike Compounds are available,  >10,000 Constructs, > 2,000 Natural Products.

CHeST library can provide original hits in screening against ‘difficult’ targets with limited or no structure/ligand information, as well as ‘eclectic’ biological targets, including cellular processes (e.g. apoptosis and cell cycle). Unexplored and unusual chemistry space may be a valuable source of new hit/lead compounds for the several medicinal and cultural areas:

•     Oncology, especially metastatic diseases;
•     Treatment of infections; design of novel antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasitic (e.g. anti-malarial) drugs;
•     Agriculture, crop protection;
•     Alleviation and treatment of various diseases in animals;
•     Design of new environmentally friendly antifouling compounds (green AF agents);
•     Cosmetics and fragrances;
•     Chelating agents;
•     Antioxidants and agents for stabilization;
•     Assays development;Constructs (proprietary building blocks, intermediates), validated chemistry protocols and medicinal chemistry expertise are the synthetic basis for deploying Chemistry On Demand ™  to rational discovery, ‘fast forward’ and ‘fast follower’.

In our treasure CHeST you will find:

Building blocks
Natural compounds