custom chemistry

ChemDiv has all capabilities & expertise to support synthetic chemistry projects of any level of complexity & scale. As an example, during the last 5 years we successfully accomplished multiple synthetic projects with a total number of 500,000 NCEs. This “smart hands” mode addresses the following tasks in a quick & efficient fashion:

•     Individual small molecules (NCEs);
•     Parallel synthesis of analogs / libraries of analogs around a given template;
•     Custom Synthesis of building blocks / intermediates / reference compounds;
•     Validation of chemical routes – production of selected individual compounds or compound library as a result of successful validation process;
•     Process research & development (route scouting, final process optimization in up to kg scale);
•     Troubleshooting partners’ chemistry.

Upon the receipt of your work request, our synthetic chemistry team starts the feasibility evaluation process and provides a detailed proposal based on deliverables. All the communication related to such requests, as well as weekly progress reports are performed securely. The final work products are delivered in accordance with partners’ specifications (purity & formatting) accomplished with full analytical data. The projects are usually quoted on a fee-for-service or FTE basis.

Our synthetic chemistry expertise includes all aspects of modern organic chemistry and combinatorial chemistry, such as:

•     Heterocyclic chemistry

-     Variety of aromatic ad unsaturated N, O, S heterocycles;
-     Natural products and natural-like systems with several chiral centers;
-     Eterocyclic systems with improved solubility and stability.

•     Modern organic synthesis techniques

-     Organometalic chemistry: Suzuki, Sonogashira, Heck, Grabbs, Buckwald, large scale Li, Mg, Zn reactions, ect.
-     Microwave assisted synthesis (both liquid & solid phases);
-     Highthroughput analysis (LCMS, HPLC, multi-nuclear NMR);
-     Highthroughput purification (HPLC, mass-directed HPLC, SPE, UV FPLC).

•     Solid support chemistry

-     10 – 10,000 samples parallel synthesis;
-     Solid phase catalysts, scavenger resins;
-     Gram scale solid phase synthesis.

•     Optically active materials

-     Asymmetric synthesis;
-     Enantiomers and diastereomers separation and identification;
-     Analysis and purification (chiral HPLC, optical rotation, LSR);
-     Absolute and relative stereochemistry assignment (X-ray).

•     Special conditions

-     High pressure reactions (up to 200 bar);
-     Large scale hydrogenation.

•     Large scale reactions (up to 30L) for kilo-scale synthesis
•     Large scale purification: hundreds of gram per injection